Duties of a Student Essay – Composition & Paragraph For Junior Students

Duties of a Student Paragraph – Composition & Essay: Student life is the best period of life. It is the period of preparation for future life. It is properly called the seed time of human life. The first and First of all the duty of a student is to study. But he must not confine himself to the prescribed books only. Because this will not enrich his outlook. So he should read newspapers, magazines, novels, dramas, and poetry during his leisure. A student must take care of his health because a healthy mind lives in a calm body. He must follow the rules of health. Student life is the period of taking preparation for the future. The future life of a student depends on how he spends his student life. In a student’s life, if he makes the best use of his time, he is sure to succeed in life. And if he idles away his time, he will suffer in the long run. A student can do many social activities. He can teach the illiterate people to make society illiteracy free. He can help people understand the importance of tree plantation family planning, sanitation, etc. During the time of natural calamities, he can distribute food, clothes, medicine, and pure drinking water among the affected people. He should also obey his superiors and say his prayers regularly. Student life is full of duties and responsibilities. It is also the most pleasant period of one’s life. A student should prepare himself to take the challenges of the future.

Duties of a Student Essay – Important for all class

Topics: [Introduction, Duties, Voluntary Work, Conclusion]

Duties of a Student Essay: The period which a student spends in search of knowledge under the guidance of teachers in school, college, or university is called student life. It is the sowing season of life. It is time for preparation for the future. An ideal student is a future hope of a nation. So the duties and responsibilities of an ideal student are very important.

Duties of a Student Essay
Duties of a Student Essay

An ideal student has some duties and responsibilities. His main duty is to study attentively and acquire knowledge because the study is the meditation of an ideal student. Student life is the best period of learning. An ideal student prepares his lessons regularly. He is never inattentive to his studies. He listens to his teachers attentively. We must have to cultivate the seeds of good character at this time. He should learn how to respect the elders and love the younger’s. He must have to learn how to help the neighbors in their danger.

Student life is the best period for preparing oneself for future life. For this reason, he must have to give the proper value of his time. He should not leave his work for tomorrow. Tomorrow he may not be able to do that. He should also have a good sense of punctuality and discipline.

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An ideal student should read newspapers, magazines, periodicals, and novels during his leisure. He should take part in games and sports, essay and debating competition, and other literary activities. An ideal student should take physical exercise regularly. By taking physical exercise, he would be able to keep fit.

An ideal student can render many social and benevolent activities too. He can educate the illiterate people of his locality. During the time of natural calamities, he can distribute medicine, pure drinking, food, water, and clothes to the victim. An ideal student must have leadership qualities.

An ideal student should obey his parents and teachers. He must have to learn all the good habits. In addition, all these good virtues should be learned in student life. He should avoid the evil company. He should learn to be honest, upright, and truthful. Thus he will be able to succeed in life.

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