Essay on A Visit To A Historical Interest – Important for all class

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Essay on A Visit To A Historical Interest

  • Write a Short Essay/Composition on “A Visit To A Historical Interest”.

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Introduction: Essay on A Visit To A Historical Interest- Man`s desire to know the unknown. To see the unseen is eternal. By way of moving from place to place, he is able to know the different races the men, Variety of language and customs. He gets the flavor of the historical places and sites.

Description of the historical place: With a view to achieving these objectives, I along with some of my friends, during the summer vacation, went to Mahasthangarh in Bogra. We sought the necessary permission and fund from the Headmaster of our school. He readily accorded his kind permission and the necessary amount of money. We hired a bus and started our journey.

Journey: The bus started to run rapidly and we enjoyed the scenic beauty very much. At long last, our bus reached our destination and we all got down. Mahasthangarh is situated eight miles north of Bogra town. It stands on the Korotoa. The site contains the extensive ruins of the ancient city spreading along the western bank of the river. Pundranagar represents the earliest city site in Bangladesh. The excavations conducted by the appropriate authorities led to the discovery of many interesting remains during the recent past. It took us some hours to go round the site. After visiting all those we reached the ‘Dakbanglow where we stayed.

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The next day came as usual. We got up early and made arrangements for the return journey. We bade goodbye to the staff there. Then we took our seats on the bus. A time came when we found ourselves in the city of Dhaka again. Thus ended our visit to a place of historical interest.

Conclusion: Traveling is an important part of education. Mahasthangarh is undoubtedly à place of historical interest. We spent eight hours there and saw many historical things. I left the place but the memory of it is still ever fresh in my mind. History is the evidence of the past. We can know our own past culture and heritage by paying a visit to the places of historical interests. This will help to increase our knowledge and at the same time remove our monotony.

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