Essay on The Use of Computer in our Everyday Life, Paragraph

Write a paragraph on “computer by answering the following questions.

  1. What is a Computer?
  2. What kind of invention is it?
  3. In which country was it invented?
  4. How much is it important in our life?
  5. In how many ways does it benefit us?
  6. What is the condition of computer culture in Bangladesh?

Paragraph on The Uses of Computer in our Everyday Life: A computer is an electronic machine that is used for storing and processing data or information. It is undoubtedly a blessing of science for the human being. It cannot work by itself. A man operates it by giving commands. It is the greatest invention of modern science. It was invented in the USA by a great American scientist, Howard Akin in 1937. Computers are of two types. One is analog and the other is digital. An analog computer is used to solve different mathematical problems. On the other hand, a digital computer can do a lot of verities complicated works. The computer has become a part: and parcel in our modern life. It has brought a revolutionary change in our life. There is rarely any sector where the computer is not being used now. It has lessened our workloads and made our life smooth and comfortable. It helps us to accomplish difficult calculations within a few seconds. It stores information and processes data. It is used in offices, educational institutions, medical science, commerce, etc. The computer is of great use to us in the field of agriculture too. The computer has advanced medical science a lot. It is used to diagnose crafter past disease accurately. In our country, computer culture has developed a lot. In government and non-government offices, education, trade, printing, the computer is used widely. Our country is improving step by step with the help of a computer. We cannot think of a single day without a computer in our country.

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  • Nowadays computer is widely used in different sections. So Bangladesh Government also wants to make Bangladesh digital. Now, write a composition regarding “The Uses of Computer in our Everyday Life.”

Essay on The Uses of Computer in our Everyday Life

Essay on The Uses of Computer in our Everyday Life: The computer is one ‘of the wonderful inventions of modern science. It has created many wonders in our life. It has made our life easy and comfortable. We cannot think of our day without the use of computers. It has grasped all aspects of our everyday life.

A computer is basically an electronic calculating machine. It performs complex and enormous calculations with tremendous speed, precision, and diligence. It accepts data, performs operations according to instruction, and provides the results of the operations.

The uses of computers are many. A computer performs the assigned tasks in seconds. The solutions are correct to the minute detail. Today a computer is used by every research worker, every senior doctor, engineer, or technician.

The computer has now entered almost every field of human activity. ‘One can watch video CD’s and video conferencing; send volumes of data from one machine to the other in the farthest corner of the world by the use of computers.

It helps a doctor in his diagnosis. It helps an engineer in his activities; guides a pilot or a navigator to safety; it helps a public or a private official or businessman in many ways. It is an important part of every institution, every office, and every establishment of public or private in several countries.

Programmed computers are being used in controlling and monitoring the movement of traffic, reservation of seats in airways and railways, in educational institutions, in defense establishments, in ships and planes all over the world.

Many of the routine activities today at home and in business are done by computers. The computer has proved a friend and servant of science, technology, and industry. Most offices, shops, factories, and industries use computers. The Internet is a storehouse of information. The computer is a boon to all. Telecommunication and satellite imageries are computer-based. Computers have made the world a global village today.

In short, has become an inseparable part of human life. Besides its good sides, it has some bad sides also. We need to take the good sides and avoid the bad sides to progress our life.

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