Female education in Bangladesh Essay – Paragraph & Composition

Female education in Bangladesh Paragraph: Education is compared with light and backbone. No nation can without education. It dispels the darkness of ignorance from our society. It is such a light which everybody has equal right. So education can not be an exclusive possession of any classes. It should be universal. It should be imparted both male and female ad female is the half part of a family, a society, or a nation. So in every activity female has an equal share of success or failure. Women do perform in almost every activity in the society or family such as the household chores, teaching children, giving hands in the business of the family, social services, or being employed in any no-government or government services. All these activities require education. Without education, mo women can perform successfully and satisfactorily. Teaching the children is the prime duty of a mother but it will be fruitless if she does not know how to read or write. It is said that whiteout educated mothers, you will not get an educated nation. The future of a child largely depends on an educated mother. In any necessary activity of a society or a nation, it requires a better contribution from the female society. But if they are not well educated all efforts will be hopeless. So female education is a mist for any nation, especially for Bangladesh. An educated mother can build an educated nation. So female Education is essential for any society and government, as well as every educated people, should be aware of this.

Female education in Bangladesh Essay:

God has created the universe with high hope and pleasure. When God created man and woman, he drew no hard and fast rule of distinction between them. He endowed them equally with the bright and noble faculties. So education cannot be an exclusive possession of any class or section or sex. Education is a light to which everybody has equal rights. The rate of literacy in our country is around 65%, whereas, female literacy is around 25% which is not respectable at all.

Female Education in Bangladesh:

A good mother can produce good citizens. In order to have good citizen’s female education is a must, because an educated mother can provide us with an educated nation. Napoleon said, “Give me a good mother and I will give you a good nation.’ The good mother obviously means an educated mother. When we dream of an illiteracy free society, we should think to educate all women first.

Female education in Bangladesh
Female education in Bangladesh

Female Education Essay or Education for Women:

No nation can achieve real progress keeping half of its population in the dark. Without educating women, the progress of the nation is not at all possible. Again without education women cannot be elevated. So all sorts of education should be imparted to the womenfolk so that they may come forward and work hand in hand with men in all development programmers. An educated woman can help her family playing an economic role. She can also play an important role in molding the character of her children, and in shaping their future destiny. The things that a child learns at home take firm root in him. It goes without saying that the learning he gets mostly from the mother as he lives under her direct supervision and constant care. If a mother fails to bring up her child properly, the mother is held responsible for this failure, not the child. So we can say that an educated woman is an asset in this respect.

Female Education Essay:

It is high time we encouraged universal female education. The good news is that the Bangladesh government has recently declared free and compulsory education for the rural girls up to HSC. The government has the plan to make the education tuition fees free for the girls up to degree level. So for the survival of our nation and for all-out development of the country education for women is necessary.

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