Importance of Physical Exercise Essay, Composition & Paragraph

Importance of Physical Exercise Paragraph – Human body is like a machine. It needs to be maintained and looked after properly. In that case, physical exercise is a must. Physical exercise means the movement of limbs of the body through manual labor according to certain rules: ‘A sound mind lives in a sound body are a wise saying. There lies a close connection between body and mind. Moreover, in order to attain success in life, we should have sound health which depends on regular exercise. Without having good health, we can’t face difficulties in life. For, it is the physical exercise that makes our muscles strong and the body active. It also improves digestion. It is necessary for the circulation of blood. It enhances our preventive power and keeps our body free from diseases. But there are many of us who do not take exercise as they should do. The result is that they turn old earlier and become incapable of doing work in their very youth. There are various forms of exercise. The games of cricket, football, hockey, and tennis are good. Walking suits, many persons. Riding and swimming are also forms of exercise. We should take any one of these. Over exercise is injurious to health. So, we should always take such exercise as it will suit us best. Usually, in the morning and afternoon, we should take physical exercise. These times are the best periods for exercise. We should take physical exercise regularly in order to keep the sound body as well as a sound mind. More Importance of Physical Exercise Essay.

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  • Now a day’s people are suffering from various diseases. If they take physical exercise every day, they can enjoy sound health. Now, write a composition on “The importance of physical exercise.”

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Importance of Physical Exercise Essay

Importance of Physical Exercise Essay – Physical exercise means the movement of our limbs according to some rules. It is good for your health. It gives us good health and energy. It is necessary for the preservation of health. We cannot enjoy sound health without it. Physical exercise makes a man active and strong. It keeps him free from various fatal diseases.

There are various kinds of physical exercise. Walking, riding, swimming, rowing and different types of games are good forms of exercise. All of them are not suitable for everybody. There are some forms of games like badminton, cricket, hockey, football; tennis which is quite good exercises. For the female, table tennis and badminton are quite nice exercises. On the other hand, walking which is a very common and easy exercise is good for the weak and the old.

Physical exercise should not be taken all the time. It must be taken in the open air. So morning and evening are the best time for taking physical exercise. The closed room is not a proper place for taking exercise. We should take physical exercise regularly.

Physical exercise develops all parts of our body. It keeps us ‘sound. It helps us to be cheerful and active. It also helps us to digest food and keeps the body free from various diseases. It lowers cholesterol, reduces body fat, and improves heart functioning. Regular physical exercise can decrease high blood pressure, obesity, and back pain too. Our life is full of struggles and activities. One can tackle them simply if one has physical fitness and mental alertness. Physical exercise is essential to make our bodies physically fit. A person can have a sound mind only when he has a sound body. So, in order to have a sound mind in a sound body physical exercise is of the greatest significance for all.

Health is the root of all happiness. Physical exercise keeps us healthy. Many people do not take physical exercise regularly. They soon lose their health. They fall victim to many diseases. So the necessity of taking exercise should not be ignored. Physical exercise prolongs our life and strengthens our minds. If we want to keep our mind and body fresh, we should take regular physical exercise.

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