Importance of Reading Newspaper – Essay & Paragraph for all class

Write a paragraph on the “Importance of Reading Newspaper” by answering the following question.

  1. What is a Newspaper?
  2. How is it published?
  3. What does it contain?
  4. How to does it help young learners?
  5. Why is it important?

Paragraph on the Importance of Reading Newspaper

Importance of Reading Newspaper: A newspaper is the storehouse of knowledge. It is a paper which carries news and views of home and abroad to us. This is one of the greatest gifts of modern science. It opens the whole world to us every morning. According to history, China was the first country to introduce the newspaper. In 1556, the govt of Venice first published the monthly newspaper. The first English newspaper, ‘The Daily Courant was published in London. The first newspaper in Asia “The Bengal Gazette” was published in 1780. The ‘Samachar Darpan’ was the first Bengali newspaper. The Christian Missionaries of Sreerampur published it. But nowadays thousands of newspapers are being published daily all over the world. There are various kinds of newspapers. They are the dailies, biweeklies, weeklies, monthlies, and even quarterlies. The dailies contain news and views about the daily affairs of the whole world. It is the most popular for us. We can know what is happening in any corner of the world through the newspaper, sitting in the room. The news of the whole world comes to us within a short time. Thus, the newspaper has made the world smaller. The newspaper contains the news of politics, economics, culture, literature, games, and sports of the world. A newspaper is also the best medium of advertisement. People also express their opinions in the newspaper. It is the means of communication between the government and the people. It is called the people’s parliament. A newspaper is not free from demerits. It often publishes wrong information and misguides us. Napoleon said, “Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.” So it should publish fruitful news to show us the right way. A newspaper is very useful for us. We cannot think of a day without a newspaper. So we all should build the habit of reading newspapers.

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Essay on the Importance of Reading Newspaper

Topics: [Introduction, Kinds, Contents of newspapers, Importance, Necessity of its freedom, Conclusion]

A newspaper is a part and parcel of our modern daily life. We cannot think of our days without reading newspapers. Newspapers are those lengthy sheets of paper containing news for general information and are dropped by hawkers at our doorsteps at dawn.

Venice was the place where the first newspaper was published. The other European countries followed the examples of Venice. Gradually it spread all over the world.

The history of newspapers in India began in 1780, with the publication of the Bengal Gazette. James Augustus Hickey is considered the “father of Indian press” as he started the first Indian newspaper from Kolkata, the ‘Bengal Gazette’ in January 1780.

With the onward, the march of civilization; the newspaper is playing a dominant role in highly modern society. A newspaper brings the whole world before our eyes with the rising of the sun. It analyses the happenings of the day. With the help of the newspaper, we can get news from the farthest corner of the world.

The present century has made the world shorter and the nations are living as next-door neighbors. By reading newspaper people come to know of domestic and international situations including news of social, political, economic, and philosophical interest. Again it may be described as the people’s parliament. Because the common man is very busy. They cannot find out what is happening in this vast universe. So they can know everything from a newspaper:

But a newspaper has some too. It is capable of doing tremendous harm. It may spread communal hatred. The reader may get deceived by false advertisements that may appear in a newspaper. The people at powerful positions may use the newspaper to create fabricated stories and to create public opinion in their favor. Illiterate people are not able to read the newspaper. They have to depend on others to read aloud the contents for them.

Newspaper reading is a very good habit. To keep ourselves up to date with news and views, we should read newspapers. Otherwise, we shall not be able to see things in the right places or perspectives.

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