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My future plan of life or My Aim in Life

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My Future Plan of Life
My Future Plan of Life

Every man has an aim in life. A man without an aim is like a boat without a rudder. A boat without a rudder faces danger. Similarly a man without an aim cannot reach his goal. Different people have different aims. Some want to be doctors, some want to be engineers, some want to be lawyers, and some want to be teachers and so on. Now I am a student of class eight. So I have also an aim in life.

My aim is to be a doctor. There are many reasons behind my aim in life. The village people of our country are very poor. They suffer from various diseases but do not get proper medical treatment for the want of qualified doctors. Sometimes they meet premature death. So I want to be a doctor and serve the poor villagers.

After passing the HSC examination with a good result I shall get myself admitted into a medical college. I shall take the M.B.B.S. degree and then go back to my native village. There I shall engage myself to serve the people.

My intention is that I shall give free medical service to the poor, but take money from the rich. I shall set up a charitable dispensary in my village from where the poor will get medicine free of cost.

Success in life largely depends upon the right choice of a profession. So we should choose it wisely. I believe that I have chosen the right profession. I also believe that I shall be able to reach my goal and serve the nation.

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