My Favourite Hobby Composition and Paragraph for Junior Level Students

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Write a Paragraph about My Favourite Hobby’ by answering the following question.

  1. What is a hobby?
  2. What is your hobby?
  3. Why do you prefer it most?
  4. How does it influence you?
  5. What is your realization about your hobby?

My Favourite Hobby Paragraph

My Favourite Hobby Paragraph- Hobby means one’s favorite occupation, but it is not one’s main business. A man generally works for money and bread. This is his main business. But this is monotonous and dull. It is a hobby that relieves the mind from dullness and monotony. It gives him joy and pleasure in the leisure period. Different people have different hobbies like gardening, drawing pictures, painting, kite flying, stamp collecting, fishing, traveling, etc. Like others, I have also a hobby and its gardening. My garden is in front of my reading room. I have planted many kinds of flower plants in it. work hard in my garden. work there with a spade during my leisure. I make the soil loose, weed out the grasses, and plant new flower plants. water the plants regularly. Sometimes I put manure on the soil. I have also made a strong fence around the garden so that the naughty boys and animals cannot harm the plants. At times, my younger brother helps me with my work. Gardening is very useful both for health and mind. It is a sort of physical exercise. It strengthens my body and refreshes my mind. When I enter the garden I feel happy to see the blooming flowers. I also get pleasure when the sweet scent of flowers comes into my room. On festive occasions, the neighbors come to me to take flowers to decorate their houses. Besides this, I grow some vegetables in my garden. This saves a lot of expenses for my family. For a cheerful life, every man should have a hobby. But we should see that our main works are not hampered on account of it.

Write a composition on My Favourite Hobby’.

Topics : (Introduction, Kinds, Description, Why favorite, Find word)

My Favourite Hobby Essay

My Favourite Hobby composition- The hobby is nothing but an alternative mental occupation. So hobby means a favorite activity that a person does for pleasure and not as his or her regular business. It does not bring him money but it gives him much joy and pleasure. A man must have a hobby for a sound mind and sound health. Hobbies are recreations to those who are engaged in heavy mental responsibilities. Great men of the world took hobbies to relieve their minds from the monotony of their main business.

As I am a student, I have a favorite hobby which is gardening. One may wonder why I should give time and think of such work. One may say it is merely a waste of time and energy. But I do not think so. No other hobby can afford me more pleasure than it. One or two hours that I spend daily in my garden are not lost. It strengthens my body and refreshes my mind.

I have a garden of my own in front of my house. Whenever I get time, I work in it. I make the soil loose with a spade, weed out the grass, and plant flower plants in it. Sometimes sow the seed of some plants and water them regularly. I have also put a fence around my garden with bamboo sticks. So cattle, fowls, and naughty children cannot do any harm to it. I have all types of flowers in my garden and it is never without flowers. In the morning, my heart leaps up with joy to see my garden full of various flowers. Hobby helps me in several ways. It refreshes my mind and makes me forget the troubles and worries of life. It is helpful for my health. Before I made this garden, I was a sickly boy. But when I started this garden and worked in it for some time, my health improved.

Thus, my hobby is a great source of joy and pleasure for me. The fresh air of the garden makes my mind cheerful. The physical labor that I give in the garden keeps my body fit. So my hobby is useful to me in many ways.

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