Recent Flood in Bangladesh Composition, Essay – Important for all class

  • Flood is a common natural calamity in Bangladesh which occurs almost every year. Now, write a composition on “Recent Floods in Bangladesh”.

Recent Flood in Bangladesh Composition

Recent Flood in Bangladesh Composition – Bangladesh is a riverine country. The rivers are spread almost everywhere in the country. As a result, the flood is almost a regular phenomenon here. Bangladesh experiences flood every year.

There are many causes of flood in Bangladeshi Heavy rainfall, silting, shallow riverbeds, melting of snows in the mountains, and tidal waves are the chief causes of it. Recently deforestation in the upper countries is causing an imbalance in climate and is causing the flood.

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Flood usually happens in the rainy season in Bangladesh. When rainfalls and water come down from the Himalayas, and other hills, rivers cannot carry all the water to the sea at once. So the accumulated water inundates both the banks of a river. The Farakka Barrage on the Indian side of the Ganges also contributes to floods.

Floods usually make the solvent people simply the street beggars in a day. It washes away their lives, properties, and other things. Villages, unions, and districts go underwater submerge crops and houses. In fact, people become houseless and take shelter in the high roads or schools or colleges, the affected people suffer from acute want of food, clothes, medicine, and pure drinking water.

After the flood, rescue operation begins. People from all walks of life” come forward to help the flood-affected people. Some national and international organizations also spread their helping hand. The government also tries to do its best. The local authority comes with food, medicine, pure water, and other necessary things to help the poor and affected people.

Though there are many bad sides of a flood, it has some sides also. Flood brings huge silt to our land. It makes our land fertile. As a result, farmers can grow more crops.

To solve the problem of a flood, we need to take some effective steps. Flood-control measures should be taken up with utmost seriousness and urgency. Embankment besides mighty rivers can be built. We can also build some dams to control water entering in the local area. We can also make large multi-storied shelter buildings beside the coastal areas of the country. If we can ensure all these, we can minimize the effect of floods. We can minimize the effect of floods. We cannot totally stop it is a natural disaster.

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