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Romantic SMS for boyfriend: We all love someone or someone. Living without love does not make any sense. But this love teaching us a lot in life. It is the education we receive in order to survive. Such an education we get through this love. If you like to somebody well then you must understand what I mean. If you love dear friend you will have trouble. Whether it’s for a day or a lifetime.

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Romantic SMS for boyfriend – English SMS, Quotes


⇒Waiting for the moment to come when you are like the candy in my mouth, melting and spreading its sweetness.
⇒My heart is filled with the desire to please you, My blood is filled with passion wanting to touch you, And my thoughts are filled with longing to see you.



⇒Im Michelle and I enjoy your saying and quotes thank you
⇒Every moment I’m with you I fall more in love with you. Even Cupid couldn’t see this coming.



⇒Rich or poor, our lives will be filled with happiness, and I will love you forever more.
⇒When I look into your heart I see honesty, When I look into your eyes I see love, When I look into your soul I see my mate!



⇒Your love is the key that released me from solitude. My heart is now free and I forever will give it to you.
⇒Yesterday I used to like you, today I like you even more, guess what, and I am in love with you.



⇒There is a person on this planet who will always remember you even if you do not text or call. That person happens to be me. Love you sweet heart.
⇒Love is a pain; it touches the soul yet numbs the brain.


⇒Despite of putting a lot of effort into not thinking about you I end up thinking about you. I love you.
⇒Just the way we cannot see the sun when it is raining, I want to be there for you whenever you need me even when I am not there. I love you Honey.



⇒The mere thought of you being there pacifies me, I love you.
⇒You are the part of my life which has been with me through thick and thin and has never left my side under any circumstances.



⇒You and I go together like pretzels and caramel, sometimes salty but mostly sweet!
⇒I cannot sum up the words to put together in order to thank god for bestowing me with you.



⇒You have held me when I was about to fall, you have been there when I was about to give up. I love you for everything.
⇒I will leave you never because I love you forever.



⇒A map is needed to find a treasure, but I came across mine without one when I met you my treasure.
⇒When I look at you I smile, I thank god for sending his angels!



⇒You are like a flower that never dies and a fragrance that never fades. Keep on being a beautiful part of my life.
⇒I just love to do all the crazy stuff when I am with you.


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